About Us

Our mission is to empower providers to focus solely on client care and relationships.

VANSANITY is the next iteration of shared office space developed specifically to serve the medical aesthetics community. 13 Rooms for Rent by the Hour. 2 Sciton Joule Lasers for Rent by the Hour.

We provide all the physical infrastructure; physical assets, cloud and online software, front desk reception and office management personnel needed for a provider to focus solely on serving patients. VANSANITY’s goal is to allow providers to practice medicine and profit from their services conveniently without the challenge or risk of additional overhead caused by physical assets. Providers can eliminate almost all fixed costs, tie their direct revenues with direct costs and run a pure profit business. Hours of Operation: Tuesday - Sunday 9:00am - 9:00pm

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Our experts

Iggy Fanlo


Blake Moser

CoFounder & Chief Marketing Officer

Shannon Seeberan

Vice President-Business Development

Michael Tantillo, MD, MBA

Medical Director

Ciro Moura

Site Manager

John E. Hoopman, CMLSO

Medical Laser Specialist

Sara Allocca

Business Development & Training Manager

Daniel Beck, MD

Medical Aesthetic Advisor

Keith Dutton

Chief Technical Advisor