What is Vansanity?

Vansanity is co-working for qualified healthcare providers. Vansanity provides all the physical infrastructure; physical assets (e.g. lasers); cloud and online software; front desk reception; etc.

Vansanity’s goal is to allow healthcare providers to focus on you, the patient, rather than the business side of providing aesthetic services.

Does Vansanity treat patients?

No, Vansanity does not treat patients. We provide the office, equipment and supplies for the healthcare providers offering services in Vansanity.

How can I find a provider at Vansanity?

If you are seeking a provider for a particular service you may complete this form and we will share your information with our client aesthetic providers:

Where is Vansanity?

Today, Vansanity is only in Boston, but our medium and long term plans have us opening offices throughout the United States and the rest of the world, wherever people use medical aesthetics.

What does Vansanity cost?

Vansanity does not charge the patient. You will pay your aesthetic provider direclty for any services received.

How does Vansanity make money?

Vansanity leases medical equipment and rooms to providers.

Is Vansanity safe and private?

Yes, as the patient your information is never shared with Vansanity. Your information is only shared with directly with your healthcare provider.

All of our rooms are private and secure.