What is Vansanity?

Vansanity is co-working for the medical aesthetics provider community. Vansanity provides all the physical infrastructure; physical assets (e.g. lasers); cloud and online software; front desk reception; etc. Vansanity’s goal is to allow providers to be full-time entrepreneurs but at the same time to only have to focus on the care and feeding of their consumer clients and leave the rest to us.


You provide the patients; you do the procedures; we do EVERYTHING ELSE.

Who should use Vansanity services?

Almost all practitioners should consider using Vansanity services.

Here’s a few examples:

  1. Practitioners that want to expand their practices’ customer or geographic footprint with no capital expenditures or fixed costs risk.
  2. Practitioners that only have a subset of lasers/fixed assets but would like to begin using Vansanity’s full set of laser machines/fixed assets as part of their ongoing practice.
  3. Practitioners that want to remove capital expenditures or fixed costs risk completely.
  4. Practitioners that want to focus on clients, client acquisition and client care ONLY.
  5. NPs or MDs or other practitioners that would like to start or build out their own practice with no capital expenditures or fixed costs risk.
  6. Practitioners that would like to downsize their practices and eliminate future capital expenditures or fixed costs.
  7. Practitioners that would like to earn $250-750/hour.
  8. In short, ALL practitioners that want COMPLETE flexibility with their time and resources and want to remove capital expenditures or fixed costs risk completely.

Where does Vansanity operate?

Today, Vansanity is only in Boston, but our medium and long term plans have us opening offices throughout the United States and the rest of the world, wherever people use medical aesthetics.

How much does Vansanity cost?

Prices may vary slightly, but a small 10×10 consult room will be $99/hr; a larger 10×15 machine room will be $129/hr and most laser machines will be $149/hr + any consumables at wholesale prices.

How much does Vansanity’s cost compare to running my own office?

Well, it’ mostly about shifting capital expenditures to day-to-day expense. With Vansanity, you just show up and treat your clients. With your own office, you need to do and pay the following:

  1. Find an appropriate office space
  2. Negotiate a lease, typically for 5-10 years
  3. Build out that space that costs $250,000+
  4. Buy laser equipment: $100,000 to $500,000
  5. Hire staff for reception, day-to-day chores, cleaning, etc.
  6. Pay for utilities, cable, HVAC, etc.
  7. Realistically, the build out is $750,000 to $1.25 million

How does Vansanity make money at these insanely low prices?

It’s like most of the sharing economy. With so many like-minded high-quality practitioners sharing the best machines and resources, Vansanity can have a far higher utilization rate than a normal practice. As a result, everyone’s overall costs go down. Practitioners win with far lower average prices and Vansanity wins by having such a high utilization rate.

What exactly does Vansanity provide? And what do I need to do?

Fortunately, all you need is your talent, your training and your customers. You will also need to be a licensed healthcare professional with general liability and malpractice insuanrce coverage.*

Vansanity will provide all the physical infrastructure to operate a full scale, lux medical spa:

  1. Online private login access, practitioner site listing, scheduling and room/machine booking for every practitioner
  2. Full floor space in downtown Boston (near Copley Square)
  3. Clean, luxury state of the art facility; lobby check-in and reception
  4. Fully outfitted lux waiting area suitable for 25+ people
  5. Fully compliant space and data security OSHA, HIPPA, etc.(including eyewash station).
  6. Fully-reclining, top of the line suite chairs
  7. High grade digital lighting
  8. Sinks, stools and work/charting space in all suites
  9. Refrigeration
  10. Clean fresh linens and robes for each rooms/client
  11. General over-the-counter rubbing/numbing creams, ointments, topical antioxidant serums and/or bio-cellulose masks, rubbing alcohol, bandages, gauze, surgical gloves, etc.
  12. Laser glasses/eyewear protection
  13. Most sought after, highest quality laser machines/technology:
    1. Sciton (Halo+Joule) laser machines

*If you are using fillers like Botox or Restalyne, you will need to bring those products, needles and injectables with you. We are not licensed to provide these items for minimally invasive procedures.

How does Vansanity compare to working as a practitioner at a med-spa?

Wages may vary, but nurse practitioners or doctors generally earn $50-70/hour. Let’s look at the following table to compare a typical day.


Total Hours 8 8
Patients 12 12
Laser treatments 3
Laser machine room hours 3
Price to consumer/Rx $1,200
Consumable/Rx $200
Vansanity machine rent/hr $149
Vansanity room rent $129
Total Laser Revenue $3,600
Total Costs $1,434
Total Laser Gross Profits $2,166
Filler treatments 9
Small room hours 5
Price to consumer/Rx $450
Filler costs/Rx $150
Vansanity room rent $99
Total Filler Revenue $4,050
Total Costs $1,845
Total Filler Gross Profits $2,205
Total Practitioner Profits/Salary $4,371 $520


Won’t I be competing against my competitors in Vansanity?

Yes, but that’s true every day, everywhere. In fact, since Vansanity provides such great economics and flexibility, we encourage you to sign up right away BEFORE your competitors beat you to it.


Also, you’ll have complete privacy in your suite(s). You can close the door, work with your clients and even do your charting work in the room during your rented hours.

Will Vansanity ever compete against me?

We have ZERO plans to engage in medical aesthetics. We are a platform provider to our community of medical aesthetics providers. In fact, we do not even need or want to have your patients’ personal or medical information; that’s YOUR business.

Is co-working or shared suites really appropriate for medical aesthetics?

We believe so.

In related industries like a hair salon and personal training, practitioner rentals are upwards of 20% of the total market. Medical aesthetics is just the next evolution.

Here’s our general thinking on practitioners and how Vansanity fits in:

  • Some people consider medical aesthetics frivolous. You do it because it delights your customer.
  • Some people consider the treatments an indulgence. You do it because you make people feel better about themselves
  • You chose co-working because it gives you complete flexibility and control over your life.
  • You chose co-working because as the practitioner, you deserve the lion’s share of the revenues.
  • You chose co-working because it gives you the largest community of like-minded professionals.
  • You chose Vansanity because its scale gives you the greatest access to training and education.

Why is the name “Vansanity“?

The name is certainly provocative, but it’s also memorable. Just try and forget it! 🙂

Here’s what we believe is true at Vansanity (you can find this on the consumer section of our website):

Vanity for one person or culture is Sanity for another. The lines are always moving for cultures and individuals.

You bathe, shampoo, deodorize your body; you brush, whiten, straighten your teeth.

You cut, dye and style your hair; you trim eyebrows, ear and nose hair; you manscape and bikini-wax

You exercise for good health, but how many gyms use the slogan “Look Better Naked”.

Doctors Without Borders and plastic surgeons donate their time, expertise and resources for cleft palate operations to make children more accepted in their societies.

Fly in the face of puritanical norms and do what makes you feel better about yourself.

So give yourself a break; go ahead and improve yourself or your “face” to the world.. feel free to feel better about yourself.

We call this Vansanity.