Provider Training

Vansanity has partnered with some of the best sources for Aesthetic education and training.

Vansanity is located in the same building as the luxurious Hotel Commonwealth. Due to our ability to host meetings at the Hotel Commonwealth many educators and trainers host events where you can learn the very skills needed to be successful at Vansanity. Sign up to be notified of upcoming trainings here:

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Our Story

Mission Statement

Empower Providers

To empower and support medical/aesthetics practitioners so that they can focus solely on client care and relationships

co-working for medical aesthetics

Provides Infrastructure

Vansanity provides all the physical infrastructure; physical assets including high-end medical equipment, cloud and online software; front desk reception; and everything else you would want in the ideal medical aesthetics office

Vanity is sanity

Your best self

Vansanity seeks to give social and psychological permission for people to not feel guilty about (medical) cosmetic treatments; to feel good about taking care of themselves; to do what comes naturally and not to be hindered or blocked because of social conventions or norms around aesthetics and cosmetics. Vansanity is NOT about indulgence and preening and insecurity and arrogance; it’s about independence and doing things for YOURSELF not for others.


Core Values

Empathy // Empowerment // Dependability // Reliability // Consistency // Honesty // Efficiency