Vansanity Partnerships Provide Solutions to Market Challenges

Market Challenges

  1. Primary/Core Target: Dermatology, Plastic Surgery

  2. Secondary: Internal Medicine, OB-GYN’s

  3. Tertiary: Med spas and advanced practice providers

  4. Establishing new adopters is an uphill, long and expensive process

  5. Everyone is fighting for the same primary & secondary providers and often requires new products to attract attention

  6. No longer are there 6-8 laser companies, now numbering 30+

  7. Low volume, possible single employee is often risk-averse and typically a bad prospect for capital equipment purchase; possibly largest potential untapped market for a reason, largest rep time drain pre & post sale


Demo Challenges

  1. Practice managers do NOT want you in the office (COVID-19)

  2. Hotels rooms and spaces are EXPENSIVE ($4-6K/day) and NOT sanitary

  3. Food & Beverage upcharges can run >$1,000

  4. Practice “on-the-fence” ask to leave demo device for 2-3 months for a trial run


Most cannot afford the device

  1. Sole proprietors (PA’s, NP’s, RN’s…)

  2. Limited funds or access to capital

  3. Limited footprint or size of practice and patient base

  4. Have no option without HUGE perceived financial risk

  5. Generally cheaper devices are sold generating lowest corporate profit and lowest sales commissions


The Vansanity Solution

      1. There is plenty of margin for EVERYONE

  • PROVIDER is first in line: 50%
  • MANUFACTURER is second: 30%
  • Vansanity is last: 20%

EXPAND your target market by 100X by adopting a rental/consumables-driven model

       2. Our goal is to rent rooms not profit on your device or prescription products (lasers, all other devices & injectables ect…)

       3. Access to best-in-class technology and products for most popular procedures will expand the manufacturer’s addressable market by 10-100X

        4. The most selfish thing Vansanity can do is focus on the provider and the company’s best interests

        5. The more successful others are the more successful we are

 Vansanity Partners: