Do I need a Medical Director?

In the state of Massachusetts, Nurse Practitioners are not required to have an MD, all other aesthetic providers are required representation by a Medical Provider, Vansanity can help connect providers with an aesthetic practicing Medical Provider.

Of course, this varies state to state, and each location will have that information for you.

How much does Vansanity cost?

Providers only pay for the room rental when the space is used. Vansanity Providers have access to prescription products at low wholesale rates reserved for higher use clients.

Vansanity requires a 1-hour prepaid room rental at the first of each month. (does this role over if not used that month but not reimbursable in refund form)

I don’t have any training or experience?

Vansanity offers training in Neurotoxin, Dermal Fillers, Light & Energy Based Devices on-site. Additional preceptor opportunities are also available

I don’t know where to start

Contact us to schedule a tour and we can help curate your personalized aesthetic journey

How do I get clients?

Vansanity offers business development support to help you get your business off the ground which includes tools and resources to help you acquire clients

Are there contracts or minimum hour requirements?

No contracts or minimum hourly requirements other than the 1-hour prepaid monthly rental. You can stop using Vansanity at any time

Can I get access to injectable products and consumables?

Yes, Vansanity Medical Services provides provider purchasing power to access products and consumables without the inefficient MD approval for each purchase. All products purchased at Vansanity must be used at Vansanity.

Does my MD need to sign off on all product purchases?

No, once providers have confirmed representation with a Medical Director, they have access to direct and immediate product purchasing.

Do my clients pay Vansanity or their provider?

All providers maintain complete control over their client list and financial transactions

I want a mentorship/preceptor opportunity before I start my own business?

Vansanity can connect providers with seasoned preceptors, training and shadowing opportunities to help build the confidence necessary to perform procedures independently. The cost will be a transaction between the provider and mentor/preceptor

I have a full-time job, I don’t know how this will fit into my schedule?

Vansanity provides the opportunity to pursue aesthetics without the financial and time commitment. You can start to build your business at the rate you are comfortable-there are no contracts.

What does a booking at Vansanity look like?

Once you are signed on as a Provider via our membership program, you book the specific exam/device room you need via the website or through our on-site manager. The room is reserved for your time slot, any products/consumables you need will also be ready for you once you arrive. You service your patient, the room is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after you leave ready for the next provider.

Do I need malpractice insurance and how do I get it?

Yes and Vansanity can connect you with different malpractice options that will cost you approx. $80-$100/month

Can I do my training prior to joining Vansanity?

Yes, providers have access to Neurotoxin and Dermal filler courses prior to starting their membership. Device training is only available to practicing Vansanity providers.

How do I sign up for training and what does it cost?

Please review the training portion of our website for more details. Training costs vary based on the device or injectables. Please contact us to register for a training program. Trainees are required to bring their own models for hands-on training. Models can help subsidize the cost of the training.

Do I need to be working at Vasanity to receive access to training?

Device training is limited to practicing Vansanity providers only. Injection training is open to the public. Vansanity gives you the opportunity to put your training to use right away and access prescription products, device consumables, and on-going support. Due to our large volume purchasing power you will receive best discount pricing available normally to only large practices.

How long are the training programs?

Device training is most often scheduled as 1-on-1 training after completing the online AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ (CME) accredited education and certificate of 3 hours. We then spend 1-2 hours of 1 on 1 hands-on competency training on per device.

Injection training is small-group and usually a 1:1 ration of trainer to trainee and is approx. 6 hours of didactic and hands-on instruction

How is aesthetic training at Vansanity different from other training opportunities?

Training is small group or 1-on-1 and trainees receive hands-on personal model experience. At Vansanity, we understand that aesthetic providers are only as good as their training and we offer continued support and access to preceptors, techniques and vendors. Our training programs have been curated with the feedback and input from aesthetic providers and professionals. A more educated and competent provider is always more successful.

I took a training course a few years ago, how do I build upon my training?

Vansanity offers continuing education programming, training on devices and injections & preceptor opportunities for additional exposure to techniques and new procedures

How can Vansanity help me grow my current business?

Vansanity provides business development support and a supportive community of providers. Vansanity can supplement your current business by growing your menu of treatments for your patients without taking on the financial risk of additional devices and equipment.

I’m worried about changing my location for my clients

You can maintain your independence, value and client relationships at Vansanity and you can offer your clients more! Successful provider/client relationships are rarely dependent on location

I currently service my clients in their home, how do I get them to travel to Vansanity?

Your time is valuable, at Vansanity you can efficiently service your clients in one location and reduce your driving time as well as offer them opportunities to experience new treatments.

You will realize higher discounts on products which you can pass along as incentives if you choose in the beginning or simply use access to other devices and products you currently do not offer your clients.

Will I lose control of my client list and business decisions?

No, Vansanity allows you to maintain 100% control of your business while reducing overhead costs and risk.

I don’t know how to run my own business

Entrepreneurship can be intimidating, we can help you develop your own business journey and provide the steps to move at your own pace

Do I need an LLC?

An LLC is highly recommended but not required for you to start working at Vansanity.

How do I get clients?

Our Business Development team can provide you with many great ideas and initiatives to gain brand awareness and attract the clientele needed to succeed

What is the cost to practice aesthetics?

There are legal requirements necessary for you to practice aesthetics. Please contact us to find out more about these costs and how your profits can easily cover these fees. You will need a Medical Director & Malpractice Insurance. These costs are monthly. Product and consumable costs are covered by your client fees

Does Vansanity make a profit on products/consumables sold to me?

Vansanity gives it’s providers access to 100% of prescription product wholesale costs and does not upcharge prescription product costs

How often are Vansanity Providers practicing at Vansanity?

Providers practice anywhere between 5-30 hours/month. Most providers seek to transition 100% of their career to aesthetics and can achieve financial success working 20 hours/week in aesthetics alone.

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What you get:

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  • Product purchase rebates (10-50%) to use as room credits.
  • 1-on-1 continuing education and device training.
  • Access to rooms, devices and expertise

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