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I first wanted to start by thanking you for providing this amazing opportunity to injectors!!

I listened to your podcast and you gave me hope!
I recently created my injector business but I also work full time, 3 days out of the week at one of the larger hospitals as an RN in Dallas and to be honest, I am burnt out! I had been contemplating doing this for a while. After a bad day on a hospital shift, I decided I had enough and worked hard to get my certifications in order and start my business. I am ready to start as soon as possible.

Again, thank you for this opportunity!

Rinna Pen


I’m so glad I took the neurotoxin training. I couldn’t thank Ciro, Lara, Taylor and Lee for all of their help and guidance. I definitely feel confident injecting now! I am looking forward to doing dermal fillers also.

Dominique Serio


My training with Dr. Tantillo was thorough and very helpful. He was very supportive and attentive to detail during the hands on training. The information packet has been very helpful to refer back to post training. Would 100% train again with Dr. T!

Kelsey Witham


Vansanity is a beautiful place that has given me the opportunity to start my own aesthetic business...

Taylor D. Caparo

Botox and Laser Hair Removal

"Vansanity is a wonderful place to work and grow as an aesthetic provider! It is a beautiful, clean space that offers accessibility to all of the products, devices and medical supplies necessary for my work day. Practicing in this setting offers a flexible schedule to allow me to work in another role simultaneously. Not only is the staff friendly, but also my patients have expressed feeling welcome as soon as they walk in the door."

Lara Simondi


"Vansanity has given me the independence of owning my own practice, without the stress of committing to a long term lease, including all the expenses of running a "store-front". I have a beautiful state of the art office space to welcome my clients and the ability to expand my medical esthetic practice to include various medical devices, that I would have otherwise not been able to afford on my own. This has allowed me to grow my practice, but also grow professionally. Vansanity offers support for further training and education. I have also enjoyed mentoring new providers on their journey in the medical esthetic field."

Meagan Pietrasiak


"Vansanity has given me the platform to do something I never imagined I'd do - start my own business. And now I get to do what I love completely on my own terms. What a gift!"

Lisa Lopes


“Since I have started at Vansanity, my business has expanded quickly and I was able to fully utilize the resources here that are offered. I am able to make up my own schedule and still work full time at my other job! Sara and Ciro are amazing mentors and support to help me succeed especially when I just recently graduated as a nurse practitioner! Thank you for giving me the courage, I definitely don’t regret starting up my business!”

Kayla L. Del Valle


Vansanity has given me the opportunity to launch a business that I had been dreaming about for almost 10 years! Vansanity has a unique business model that inspires mutually beneficial collaboration like nowhere else. The networking & support for entrepreneurship is incredible. I am truly thrilled to have launched my business here in November 2020 and to be part of such innovation in both business and aesthetic medicine. I look forward to what the future will bring.

Dominique Serio


“I have been a physician assistant since 2016 with experience in OBGYN, Surgery and Primary Care. I have been with Vansanity since March 2021 and I absolutely love it here! Treatment rooms are perfect size, very clean and always stocked! Staff is so friendly and so helpful. My schedule is very flexible and will work with you at your convenience! My mantra is look good, feel good-looking forward to achieving your aesthetic goals and preserving your youth! ”

Mara Malsam


Vansanity is great for starting out because you can make your own schedule so I am able to still work my full time job as I am building up clients. It also has a large variety of hours to fit everyone’s schedule.

Elise Loiselle

Medical training: NP

I love Vansanity because it allows me the flexibility to continue my concierge, mobile service, as well as have a home base in Boston that is professional and state of the art, with access to cutting edge technology and equipment, while keeping my overhead low. The space is beautiful and the location is perfect, right in the heart of the city.

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Testimonial Elise Loiselle

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